The Greenhouse

Welcome to the Greenhouse!

Our mission in the Greenhouse is to grow our kids in God’s love and grace to lead them toward a fully-devoted, world changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

We value our youngest church members and have created an environment to help them get connected to God and stay connected to Him for a lifetime. We encourage our classroom teachers and helpers to build trusting relationships with the children on a weekly basis and share Bible lessons that demonstrate God’s love and the fulfillment of his promise through Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.

We offer full childcare and children’s church at all our Sunday services for infants through 6th grade.

Seedlings – Infant through 23 months
Sprouts – 2 year olds
Buds & Blossoms – 3 through 4 1/2 years old
Saplings – 4 1/2 year olds until Kindergarten
Transplants K1 – Kindergarten & 1st grade
Transplants 234 – 2nd, 3rd & 4th grade
Transplants 56 – 5th and 6th grade (meets only during the 10:30 service)

If you are visiting The Grove for the first time, you will be greeted in our main lobby and directed to one of our Greenhouse coordinators who will walk your through the check in process quickly and help you get your child(ren) settled.

The Greenhouse in August

Growing kids in God’s grace and love to lead them toward a fully-devoted, world changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

General Announcements

Serving Opportunities in August

iFriend Program at UA
Our elementary students learned about being a welcomer in July. A welcomer is someone whomakes friends with people who come to the USA from other countries. We can share our life with them and learn about theirs. This can create opportunities to tell them about Jesus. Please consider getting involved in the iFriend program on campus so your family can be welcomers. It only takes a once a month commitment for one school year. “Adopt” an international student and include him or her in a family outing or holiday. Maybe you can ask them to cook something they enjoy from their country and you can share your family favorites. For more information go to

Back to School Prayer Guide
Pick up your back to school prayer guide in the Greenhouse this month. It is a simple, daily way to pray for all the people involved in our education system from cafeteria workers to teachers to families. Let’s pray together as a church body as we all go back to school.

Packed for Success
It was another great year for our backpack collection – Packed for Success. Thank you to everyone who provided backpack. We collected over 200 backpacks for Leverett, Asbell, Washington, and Owl Creek Elementary Schools. We had two partners this year – Calvary Baptist Church and The Hill Church – whom each collected backpacks from their congregations. Thanks to everyone who helped sort the backpack to get them ready for delivery. We will be delivering this week and possibly next so if you want to help out with that email

Greenhouse Free Library – Check out the free library book exchange in the Greenhouse hallway. We ask that you return the books when you are finished. Feel free to donate books your family has enjoyed. Reading material includes subjects for children and parents.

** Seedlings through Saplings **
(infants through 5 years old)
Please take time during your family devotions or prayer time to talk about the Bible stories, the main point, and the key verse. Remember…the videos teach with the end in mind – life as a follower of Jesus. Be sure to talk to your kids about how to enter into a relationship with God through accepting Jesus Christ as their savior. You can also check out all the material we use in class on a website for parents.

Memory Verse
“How you made me is amazing and wonderful” Psalm 139:14 (NirV)

Bible App 4 Kids
Hey friends! Who made you? God made me amazing! This month we will look at “In the Beginning” – the story of how God created everything. Isn’t it amazing to be made by God. Check out your child’s take-home Adventure Book each week to see how they learn to answer the question, “Who made you?”

** Transplants **
(Kindergarten through 6th grade)
What’s the Big Idea for the 2016-17 school year? “What’s in the Bible?”
In “Buck Denver Asks…What’s in the Bible?” our students meet Buck Denver and his friends and join them on a journey through the WHOLE Bible.
From the creator of VeggieTales®, Phil Vischer has set out to teach kids (and parents!) the story of the Bible – God’s great rescue plan! We know the stories of Moses, Noah, David, and Jesus, but in this groundbreaking new series, we see how they all fit together to tell one big, redemptive story.
Every 5th Sunday, students will take a break from “What’s in the Bible?” to work at studying a passage of scripture like they would study any other non-fiction writing. We will include homework throughout the year for families to study together at home. Our goal is to help our students better engage with what God is saying in his word so they can become a fully-devoted, world changing follower of Jesus.

Weekly Lesson summary

Week 1: Greenhouse Games – we will wrap up our short Olympics series and review what it means to put God first as we use our talents and things we enjoy for his glory.
Week 2: The children will learn who wrote the Bible, how God inspired the authors of the Bible, and all about the books of the Bible.
Week 3: The children will learn about Genesis – the first book of the Bible!
Week 4: The children will learn about Primeval history, and learn about sin, free will and choices

Parent Take Home Card: The key verse will show up in the parent take home card each week. Spend some time reviewing what your student(s) learned and be sure to complete the homework and bring it back the following Sunday to claim a prize.

Remember…we teach with the end in mind hoping to connect each family with their unique place in God’s story and that begins with a decision to accept God’s free gift of eternal life through Jesus. Learning to share the Gospel with your kids can help lead them toward that decision in their own lives as well as help them articulate that good news to others.

I hope this information is helpful and will give you more opportunities to talk to your children about what they learn each week in the Greenhouse.