Parking and Traffic Flow

Our move is a little more than 2 weeks away and we want to be sure and communicate clearly about everything so we can make Sundays as smooth as possible. The image below will give you an idea of our parking and traffic flow. Some friendly folks will be standing at the entrance to guide you into the parking lot. Our main entrance is the far North side of the building complex. Based on where you park, you may need to walk around the corner to find the entrance. On your way out you will loop around the front entrance and head out the back where you can turn left to get to College Ave. or right to head out on Township.


Building Update – June 6th

Hey everyone, a lot has happened since the last post. Let’s get caught up.
The construction process is over and we are expecting final inspections to be passing this week. Please pray for favor with the city as we finalize everything. After that we will spend the month of June installing our sound, video, and lighting equipment and generally making the space feel like the Grove Church. Check out these pictures to get a feel for our new space.
This shows the outside of the building. An awning will be installed next week finishing off the glass front entrance. We have hired a local sign painter to paint the Grove logo on the awning. The garage door also allows us to enjoy the weather on nice days.

This is a view from the hallway into the lobby area. We are beyond excited to see how this space is used for people to connect with each other. This will be a perfect spot to meet with friends before the service, enjoy some coffee, and just hang out.

Just had to throw this one in there. Ladies room will have 6 toilets. A major improvement over our current 1.

Roots Youth / Multi purpose room will provide an extra 3,000 sq/ft of space.

View from the stage. Our house lighting is mostly installed and our stage lighting is coming soon. The Auditorium will hold roughly 500 people per service allowing us to reduce our number of services and still have room for everyone.


View down the hall from the Greenhouse.

Building Update – April 22nd

Hey everyone, the building process is moving right along. Dry wall is being hung and HVAC is being finalized. The ceilings are going in and we will be painting the walls before long. Please continue to pray for the workers on site and our contractors from Penny Lane. If we stay on schedule we plan on worshipping there in July and having our grand opening early August.
Here is the video update we played last Sunday at our services. Enjoy.

Making Room Update

We had a great week of construction this week and have the whole place framed up. Electricians are starting their work and HVAC contractors will soon be putting equipment into place that will help us create a great environment for Jesus to be proclaimed.
We are opening the construction site next Sunday, April 14th starting at 9:45 AM for you and your family to stop by and see the progress. We will have sharpies available for you to leave your mark on the building by writing a prayer or scripture to dedicate the space to the Lord.
Be sure to be with us the april 14th, 21st and 28th as we look forward to this next season in our church. Ready… Steady… GO!
Here are a few pictures showing the lobby / common space and a shot of the front of the stage area.

And Away We Go!

We are so pleased to let everyone know that we have received final permitting from the city of Fayetteville and will be breaking ground this Monday (March 18th, 2013). Thank you so much for your continued support of this campaign through prayer and giving of your resources. The Lord is doing great things at The Grove Church and we believe this is only the beginning. Now that permitting is completed we will be updating this site with ongoing construction pictures and stories to help keep everyone up to date. We hope to be functioning in our new space by sometime this summer.


Here is our current floor plan to give you an idea of what we are building out. For reference: the new worship space (5,400 sq/ft) will be as big as all of our current building. We will also have nearly 2x the amount of space for children and youth and will be drastically increasing our common space 10 times over.  In total we will have 15,000 sq/ft of ministry space.  We plan to keep our offices at the Grove Annex on Sunbridge for now.


Please continue to pray with us as we “Make Room” for more of what God wants to do in our city and our region.





Announcing our Making Room Campaign

This is an exciting time for The Grove Church. Over the past two years we have seen God grow our church tremendously. The Grove has moved from worshipping one service to two to three and now four. We have seen our church grow from just over 100 people to a peak Sunday this Fall of over 800 people. Roughly 50 people have given their lives to Jesus Christ. Hundreds of people have gone all over the U.S. and the world on short term mission trips, and dozens are planning for futures in long term missions. I could go on and on about all the amazing things we have seen God do over the past two years. God has blessed us so much, and I try to thank him daily for allowing me to be a part of what He is doing at The Grove.

In the midst of all of this, you have responded to what God is calling you to do. As a body, we have stepped up in serving and giving and inviting. You have recognized that God is calling us to “reach people to become fully-devoted, world-changing followers of Christ,” and you are being used by God to make that happen.

Now we embark on a new adventure together. It is time for us to be Making Room. We need to make room for the hundreds, even thousands of people that God is calling us to reach. We have to take a step of faith together to raise the money needed so we can move to the new facility that God has prepared for us. I invite you to check out this site, spend the next few weeks praying with us and ask God how he wants to use you as we are Making Room.

I could not be more proud of The Grove Church and the growth I have seen in us as we have followed God’s call. I also could not be more excited as I anticipate the mighty works of God and the new heights we will see in our relationship with Him as we follow Him on this next venture.

Charlie Loften – Lead Pastor

Give online to the Making Room Campaign through E-give